Over the course of her career, Dr Fiona O'Reilly Zwald has developed a high-level of expertise in the care of immunosuppressed patients, organ transplant and bone marrow transplant recipients.

What is Transplant Dermatology?

Many transplant recipients have difficulty accessing dermatology care.

A transplant dermatologist coordinates care of the pre and post operative organ transplant patient. The most important role of the transplant dermatologist is education of the transplant patient and their providers.

At O’Reilly Dermatology, we offer same day appointments for transplant patients who call our office because they are worried about a skin lesion or have a troublesome rash. We also provide skin cancer screening and education prior to and after transplantation.

Why Choose a Transplant Dermatologist?

Because of the difficulties that a transplant patient may face when seeking dermatology care, it is advised to first seek advice from an expert in the field.

During her time at Emory University, Dr Fiona O'Reilly Zwald established a multidisciplinary dermatology clinic onsite at the Emory Transplant Clinic and developed a skin cancer screening program for transplant patients at risk for aggressive skin cancer.

Dr O'Reilly Zwald is past President of the International Transplant Skin Cancer Collaborative, whose members dedicate their time to the management of skin cancer in patients who have received a solid organ transplant.

Dr O'Reilly Zwald currently coordinates a multidisciplinary team of medical, surgical and radiation oncologists and transplant physicians to provide care in a timely manner for those transplant patients with high risk skin cancer.

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